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Reduce Boiler Operating Costs with Refractory Repair


Refractory is heat-resistant material that is used to line a boiler to help retain heat and aid in keeping the boiler warm even when it’s not in operation. This prevents thermal loss during boiler operation both during pre and post purge. When refractories are in good shape, they store heat and avoid thermal loss during the combustion process, thus helping your boiler run as cost-effective as possible.

Refractory that is cracked or old can droop or fall which will result in significant heat loss and flame impingement. If the refractory is cracked or old, it will not keep the boiler warm when not in operation resulting in energy loss and higher operating costs when operation is started back up.

PBBS Equipment can repair the rear head/door of your firetube boiler to like-new condition to avoid these issues and keep your boiler running as smooth as possible.

Refractory replacement on a Cleaver Brooks boiler at a food manufacturer in West Bend, WI
Steps PBBS Equipment Service Technicians Take When Performing Refractory Repairs:
  1. PBBS service technicians will remove subpar and defective refractory material
  2. The relining process begins by applying the insulating layer(s) per the boiler manufacturer’s recommendations and prepare for the new refractory material installation
  3. After the refractory is installed, PBBS installs a custom bake-out controller and bakes out the material in accordance with the material recommendation in the relining process
Jamin, PBBS Boilermaker, performs refractory repair in Cambria, WI

PBBS Equipment service technicians are highly trained and experienced in boiler inspections and refractory repair regardless of the make or model of your boiler.  From materials to installation, we can get your boiler operating at peak condition. Contact us today for a boiler refractory inspection!

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