Boiler Seminars

Each year PBBS holds two-day boiler training seminars at various locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. The seminars are designed for our customers who maintain and operate commercial and industrial boilers and cover a wide variety of boiler-related topics for both steam and hot water systems.

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Boiler Education from Start to Finish

Boiler training seminar topics include the fundamentals of thermodynamics, boiler basics, combustion, efficiency, care, maintenance, controls and wiring, steam and hot water systems, steam traps, water chemistry, water treatment, and pre-treatment equipment. Seminars are intended to be informative and provide an overall understanding of the boiler, boiler systems, and related equipment to broaden the participant’s knowledge in these areas. By understanding the basics, one may better apply his or her knowledge to recognize and possibly solve a problem rather than just provide a temporary fix for the problem.

If there are no scheduled training event dates listed below, we can support training operator and facility training by request. For more information or to discuss your facility and personnel needs, please Contact Us.

2-day Boiler Training Seminars

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Boiler seminar topics covered by our trained experts:

WATER CHEMISTRY Waterside care, signs of trouble
BOILER TYPES & CONSTRUCTION Which is best for your needs?
BOILER ROOM ACCESSORIES Deaerators, Water Softeners, etc
BOILER OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE What to look for at inspection
BURNER & BOILER CONTROLS Why safety is important
THE STEAM SYSTEM What happens after the boiler?
UPGRADING YOUR BOILERS/BURNERS Getting maximum efficiency
CUSTOMER CONCERNS What do you want to know about?
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