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Steve L - Parts Manager

New Condensing Boilers

QuantityManufacturerModelBTU InputEquipment Description
1RaypakXvers-H7-0856850,000Stainless Steel HT EX, Natural Gas Boiler
1RaypakXvers-H7-10061,000,000Stainless Steel HT EX, Natural Gas Boiler

New Non-Condensing Boilers

QuantityManufacturerModelBTU InputEquipment Description
1RaypakHi Delta P-992990,000Horizontal Copper Fin, Natural Gas Boiler

Condensate Receivers

QuantityManufacturerModelGallon CapacityEquipment Description
1SkidmorePC6N6Simplex Pump, Protector Receiver
1SkidmorePS10N10Simplex Pump, Protector Receiver
1SkidmorePC15N15Simplex Pump, Protector Receiver
1SkidmorePC15DN15Simplex Pump, Protector Receiver

Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube)

QuantityManufacturerModelGallon CapacityEquipment Description
1ThrushS14604A141 sq. ft.Steam to Water, 4-pass, copper tube, 150#
1ThrushS1860-4A231.7 sq. ft.Steam to Water, 4-pass, copper tube, 150#

Feed Tanks

PBBS Equipment Corporation
QuantityManufacturerModelGallon CapacityEquipment Description
1PBBS EquipmentFS-H-CS1-0150-STD150Carbon Steel, up to 150BHP
1PBBS EquipmentFS-H-CS1-0250-STD250Carbon Steel, up to 250BHP

Available Stock from Companies We Represent

Cleaver-Brooks Clearfire condensing boilers 500 MBTU – 12, 000 MBTU
Cleaver-Brooks Modular Steam Boilers 10 HP – 80 HP
Columbia Boiler
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Columbia Model MPH Boilers 5 HP – 150 HP

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