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Is your boiler operating inefficiently? Are your energy costs through the roof? Contact PBBS today and start saving money. On average, our customers see a 4% – 6% fuel savings and in some cases up to 20% or more!

We’ve partnered with the best boiler, burner, and control manufacturers in the world. Their products, coupled with our knowledge and experience, enables PBBS to design the most efficient and dependable systems out there. Then, our factory-trained technicians will professionally install and commission your new system. And, should you ever need us after it is up and running, our parts and service technicians are accessible 24/7.

CBEX systems

Remote Monitoring

Get peace of mind by monitoring your mechanical room at your fingertips.  We have several communications solutions to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable operations. 

The Cleaver-Brooks Prometha serves as a central communications solution to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable operations. View a video to get the details.

  • Notification alerts
  • Prevent downtime 
  • Real-time data and reporting
  • Assign roles within your organization

Burner Upgrades & Conversions

Increase your boiler’s operating efficiency, reduce emissions, and save on your energy bill. Our specialists can help you pick out the right high turndown burner for your application.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial watertube, firetube, or something in between, we can work on a no-obligation estimate and expected ROI for you to consider. Imagine the fuel savings without all of that cycling!

Fuel Conversions

Whether you need assistance converting from gas to oil or oil to gas, we have a simple solution for you. There are many reasons to fire a backup fuel in case of an emergency. Our specialists can assist in selecting the proper conversion kit for your application. 

Let us help you determine if a fuel conversion can save you energy dollars, increase efficiency, and reduce emissions for the equipment in your facility. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Money-Saving Rebates and Incentives

Taking time to investigate potential incentives on capital improvements, regardless of expected fuel savings is worth your time. PBBS Equipment can evaluate your current equipment and recommend the best path to sustainable energy savings and support you through the rebate process.

Check out our ways to Leverage Energy-Saving Rebates with Boiler Room Updates.

Take advantage of incentives from our energy partners in Wisconsin, Focus on Energy; Minnesota, CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy and Michigan, Energy Optimization.

Boiler Plant Optimization

PBBS has factory-trained, certified technicians to perform Boiler Plant Optimization (BPO) assessments to make sure your boiler is operating at peak efficiency. Through our detailed BPO program, we inspect and evaluate how a building’s boiler plant is functioning, focusing on efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

As part of this evaluation, we are able to develop a plan to keep your boiler operating properly until you are prepared to replace the unit. The BPO plan will outline energy-saving opportunities and discovery for emissions reduction through retrofits, rebuilds, and upgrades.

Whether sales or service, PBBS Equipment has been a great experience to work with. No matter the situation, troubleshooting or a service repair, Dan (PBBS Service Manager for SW Wisconsin) would make it happen – even if we didn’t need it right away. It was this trust in Dan that led us to upgrade our burner and controls that helped us with our energy savings.

I’ve been here for over 19 years, and I’ve worked with PBBS for over 19 years. Never looked for anyone else.

– Rich Prostko, Facilities Manager – HVAC Manufacturing Company
heating system control equipment

Do you relate to any of these
statements regarding your building?

My facility has changed over the years and I want to know if my boiler room and related equipment are still efficient.
I need a boiler standard operating procedure for startup, shutdown, and emergency shutdown.
I want to have an integrated boiler control plan to optimize boiler operations based on increased efficiency and minimizing standby losses.
I’m considering an evaluation of a return on investment regarding scenarios related to a boiler room upgrade and/or replacement.

Your custom Boiler Plant
Optimization plan will include:

Site visit to record the current state of your boiler room equipment
A high-level review of plant utility records
A detailed report outlining key areas related to deficiencies that need to be corrected in order to further optimize boiler plant operations
Roadmap for improvement

Energy Savings

Local energy organizations offer businesses rebates and incentives to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. PBBS can evaluate your current equipment and recommend the best path to sustainable energy savings.

Want to go further in depth on learning about energy savings and the cost savings that comes along with that when you have a boiler that not only operates efficiently but is maintained regularly? Our blog post outlining that very thing will be helpful to you!

boiler burner retrofit

Many energy-saving opportunities are realized through boiler updates with your existing equipment. 

  • Advanced boiler controls enable precise fuel-to-air ratio with parallel positioning, oxygen trim, and variable speed drive in one integrated system for maximum operating efficiency. 
  • A boiler economizer system is one of the best additions that can be made to any boiler room. It transfers energy from the boiler exhaust gas to the boiler feedwater in the form of “sensible heat, which reduces the boiler exhaust temperature while preheating the boiler feedwater. This can increase overall efficiency 2 to 5 percent (up to $60,000 per year saved for a 600-HP boiler). 
  • Retrofit your outdated burner to a low emissions high-turndown burner to reduce cycling and dial in repeatability 
  • Expand the type of fuel your boiler with a fuel conversion kit. Multiple fuels will allow more operational flexibility and adjust your fuel as energy prices fluctuate. 
  • System efficiency with condensing hydronic boilers improves at part-load condition as more surface area is available for condensing and maximum system efficiency.
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