PBBS DMP Model Stack Damper

Size: Ranges from 8" to 24" round in diameter, 8" tall for all diameters

Material: 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Cylinder, 304 or Better Stainless Steel Internal Components, Stainless Steel Shaft, Ceramic Fiber Shaft Seals, Damper Shaft Operates On Bronze Fitted Bearings

Varied Configurations: Simple Manual Locking Damper, Motorized Two-Position Damper, Full Modulating Design For Use With Automatic Draft Controllers

Uses: Boiler Stacks, Pre-Fabricated Industrial Chimneys, Waste Heat Recovery

The DMP model stack damper by PBBS Equipment offers flexibility in design, ruggedness of construction, and ease of installation for both firetube and commercial watertube boiler applications. The Model DMP can be supplied in three different configurations. Using components specifically designed for use in boiler stacks, as well as bearings that are available off the shelf, the DMP is built to do the job, yet is simple to maintain.

  • Firetube and watertube applications
  • Improves combustion efficiency resulting in consistent furnace pressure
  • Enhances flame retention and flame stability
  • Improves pilot operation

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