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Temperatures Are Turning. Get Your Boiler Plant Tuned and Ready.


Have you been keeping up with regular maintenance on your boilers during the off season? If not, let PBBS Equipment’s Service Technicians take the stress out of boiler startup and tune your boilers. This will give you peace of mind that your facility will reliably and efficiently get the steam or hot water it needs this winter season.

What can you expect from a PBBS boiler tune-up? A boiler tune-up will include a safety check and combustion tuning to ensure your system is ready and operating at peak efficiency. 

Avoid an Emergency Service Call

During boiler startup, it’s common there will be glitches that need to be worked out. While issues are typically minor to troubleshoot, you can prevent costly surprises by being proactive. The earlier you get your boiler serviced, the better. Why? Because if issues do arise, you can afford yourself time to order parts and schedule repairs before getting deep into the winter months where hot water or steam is needed the most. Moreover, you can avoid emergency boiler rental and the cost associated with that.

Are You Switching to Dual Fuels?
Boiler Fuel Oil
Prepping your Boiler for Fuel Oil

If you are switching from natural gas to tap into your fuel oil, make sure your alternate fuel source is operating reliably. If your alternate fuel has been sitting for some time, the quality of your fuel oil may not be ideal for proper boiler operation. Call your energy supplier to request that your fuel source be tested for proper quality before making the switch. 

Not sure the steps to take when prepping your boiler for fuel oil? Check out these detailed 7 steps that will walk you through the process.

Scale and Corrosion Can Occur 
Boiler Scale and Corrosion Before/After

For seasonal boilers, even the best boiler water treatment program must be supplemented to prevent scale and corrosion during the boiler’s non-operating months. Increased oxygen levels and impurities or hardness in the boiler feed water can cause pitting, corrosion and scale in steel tube sheets and boiler tubes. PBBS can replace or repair any pitted, scaled or corroded tubes to ensure the reliability and integrity of the pressure vessel.  

To keep your boilers in optimal operating condition:
  1. Use and maintain boiler logs – download our boiler inspection logs 
  2. Walk around your boiler and check for obvious problems like leaks or cracks
  3. Check all safety controls and valves for proper operation, especially the main and auxiliary low-water cutoff 

The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors has a checklist of what you should do before starting your boilers after summer lay-up. Check out their recommendations

PBBS Equipment has experienced boiler technicians to properly service, repair and tune your boiler. Call or visit us today to understand for yourself how professional and responsive our team is.

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