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Quality Assurance with the ASME “PP” Stamp 


Written By: Chad Bartkowiak, Quality Control Manager & Service

PBBS Equipment has proudly held the ASME PP Stamp for a significant period, showcasing our dedication to delivering top-notch service. The ASME “PP” Stamp certification authorizes the welding, fitting, manufacturing, and installing of piping and components that attach to external piping used for power boilers and pressure vessels. The Power Piping (PP) Stamp is governed by ASME Code section B31.1. 

What is B31.1 Power Piping? 

The ASME B31.1 Code was written for power piping systems, covering fuel gas and oil systems in the plant (downstream of the meters), central and district heating systems, in addition to the water and steam systems in power plants. 

The ASME B31.1 Code requires current ASME code books to stay compliant & knowledgeable.  

If you utilize any kind of pressure vessel in your industrial or commercial application, then pressure vessel stamps are an important consideration when choosing a manufacturer and maintenance firm. The stamp ensures that the vessel will meet the requirements of the relevant code, assuring its suitability for service in your application. 

Pressure vessel stamps are given to pressure vessel manufacturers and inspectors as a token of appreciation for their compliance with certain pressure vessel code requirements. Vessels that the manufacturer has developed, produced, inspected, and tested are marked with a stamp attesting to their conformity with a specific code. 

A pressure vessel stamp functions as a sort of guarantee or assurance of quality. Similar stamps or labels in other industries may attest to an item’s passing quality assurance team inspection and compliance with relevant standards. 

Before and after of a piping replacement completed by PBBS Boilermaker, Paul, in Adams, WI

Regulations like the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) are in place to ensure the safe and effective functioning of pressure vessels. Regulations may require your pressure vessels to meet the requirements of one of these stamps, based on your industry and application. These regulations may also outline the requirements for inspection criteria and timelines, and whether certified inspectors are needed. 

The PBBS Equipment Vessel Repair Division has the resources and capability to provide “PP”, “R”, “U” and “S” and the latest ASME code requirements that your pressure vessel demands. Because we have in-house welding and repair professionals, PBBS can be your one-stop solution for your boiler room needs and fully respond in an event of an emergency. Contact us today to connect with an experienced welding and repair professional. 

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