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Component Upgrades Bring Boiler Efficiencies into Today’s Technology


The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) in Madison, Wisconsin is enjoying the benefits of upgrading its three (3) existing Unilux Boilers with new Profire Burners and Hawk Control Systems. Retrofitting an existing boiler system with upgraded components not only brings the boiler performance into today’s technology, but the capital cost savings to the alternative of new boilers is significant. Meanwhile, you are achieving results in a smaller timeframe. Additionally, energy-saving boiler component upgrades allowed MMSD to take advantage of rebates from Focus on Energy.

Component Upgrades Bring Boiler Efficiencies into Today’s Technology
Greater Efficiencies & Sustainable Fuel Source

The Profire burners are high-turndown which improves combustion efficiency and reduces burner cycling. This design provides more flexibility and more efficient operations based on load demand and fluctuations. A consistent, specific hot water temperature being fed from the boilers is important to support the plant’s process.

Because the facility has digester gas readily available, the boiler’s burners primarily operate on its existing sustainable fuel source allowing natural gas to be a backup fuel.

The Hawk Controls are PLC based with an HMI interface and integrated into the facilities’ Distributed Control System (DCS). The control system enables the boiler operators to monitor the boilers much more closely with remote monitoring capability, set alarms and receive information about the boiler’s performance.

Often times there are energy-saving opportunities in your boiler room that can be discovered. Contact us for a free evaluation.

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