PBBS Boiler Feedwater System

Size: Up to 1,000 gallon capacity

Standard Includes: Carbon Steel Tank (A36) and Stand, Vertical Multistage Pumps, Standard Pump Controls, Make-Up Float, Solenoid Valve, Sparge Tube, Thermometer, Gauge Glass, (3) Chemical Injection Quill Tappings, NEMA 4X Control Panel with Indicator Lights and Hand-Off-Auto Switches

Optional Includes: Vertical Orientation, different tank material options, Fully Modulating Make-Up Feed Water with Transmitter, V-Port Valve, Variable Speed Drive - Integral Pump or Remote Mounted, tapping location and size customization, and numerous electrical options

Uses: Process Steam, Industrial Process, Building Heat, Sterilization, Humidification, Waste Heat Recovery, Hospital and Healthcare, Power and Utilities, Refineries and Petrochemical, Laundry and Dry Cleaning

PBBS manufacturers a wide variety of horizontal and vertical feedwater systems for your steam boiler(s). Our design experts will work with you to select the optimal size feed tank and options to handle the demands of your steam system application.

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