Metal-Fab Exhaust Solutions

Special Gas Vent – Single-wall and double-wall for use with high-efficiency category II, III, and IV natural gas-burning or propane fired appliances such as gas boilers, furnaces, unit and radiant tube heaters, tankless water heaters, pool heaters, and direct vent appliances.

Chimney Liners – Single-wall and double-wall pressure industrial chimney for heating applications, boiler breeching, generator, and fume exhaust. UL tested and listed for positive pressures up to 60″ w.g. and manufactured with a rigid laser-welded 304 or 316 stainless steel flue ensuring maximum corrosion resistance. PSW chimney stacks are available in diameters 6″-48″ and rated for appliances operating at temperatures up to 1400°F continuous and 1800°F intermittent.

Type-B Gas Vent – Type-B Gas Vent products are tested and listed to UL 441 for approved gas appliances and feature our innovative twist-lock connection and locking tab, eliminating the need for sheet metal screws. Available in 3” – 30” diameter, Type-B gas vents combine hemmed flues and casings that maximize product durability and reliability and minimize installation time.  

Grease Ducts –  The design incorporates an innovative flanged design for easy assembly and sealed with a high-temperature silicone sealant. Metal-Fab grease duct systems are offered in multiple materials for a variety of applications improving product versatility and function.  Available 6” – 48” diameter with all models are tested and listed to UL 1978.

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