Cleaver-Brooks Surge Tank

Size: 300 – 3,600 gallons

Uses: Process Steam, Industrial Process, Building Heat, Sterilization, Humidification, Waste Heat Recovery, Hospital and Healthcare, Power and Utilities, Refineries and Petrochemical, Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Pumping On/Off Variable

The Cleaver-Brooks surge tank provides additional storage time to handle water volume swings in condensate return to eliminate potential for overflow from a stand-alone deaerator system. Because condensate return volume is largely unpredictable, a surge tank provides a means to collect intermittent condensate returns and supply water at a relatively constant volume, while limiting discharge to drain.

  • Boosts condensate return pressure
  • Accepts gravity condensate returns
  • Variety of control solutions are available ranging from mechanical control to full digital control packages
  • Offers the model CST, a non-ASME surge tank for smaller applications or applications not requiring ASME construction

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