Cleaver-Brooks NATCOM Burner

Types: Steam and hot water for new or retrofit

Size range: 48 MMBTU input to 400 MMBTU

Uses: For firetube, watertube, commercial watertube, firebox, and cast iron boilers. Ideal for everything from process heating applications to building heat, sterilization, humidification, and more.

Fuels: Gas, #2 and or #6 oil, combination or alternative fuels

Emissions: Range from <7 ppm, <30 ppm and uncontrolled NOx

The ultimate Low NOx capability, flame stability, and rugged design, coupled with a high-efficiency operation, make Cleaver-Brooks’ NATCOM the choice of industrial burners. Quick easy start-up in less than three days saves customers thousands of dollars on new boilers and retrofit purchases. New or retrofit, NATCOM supplies burners to all major industries and applications.

The NCB burner is a unique packaged burner system for new boilers and retrofit markets. These burners use advanced CFD modeling, and are equipped with advanced Natcom® design features, including externally adjustable gas injectors , Class-III igniters, atomizers with coupling block valves, which you can complement with your choice among a variety of industrial-grade controls, valves, switches and gauges.

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