Cleaver Brooks Industrial Burners

Types: Steam and hot water for new or retrofit

Size range: 3.4 - 100 MMBtu/hr

Uses: For firetube and watertube boilers for industrial process steam, building heat including hospitals, refineries, and petrochemical.

Fuels: Dual-fuel capability

Emissions: <30 ppm NOx without FGR

The ProFire® XL Series forced draft burner features a unique and precise air-metering system which permits accurate air-to-fuel settings for maximum combustion efficiency.

The ProFire® S1 series burner uses a true forced-draft design to deliver rated capacities against a wide range of furnace pressures.

The ProFire® NT series Ultra-Low NOx performing burner is designed for cast iron, firebox, firetube, and watertube boilers.

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