Cleaver-Brooks Commercial Burners

Types: Forced draft and dual-fuel burners

Size range: 0.4 to 16.8 MMBTU input range or 9 to 380 HP

Uses: For firetube, watertube, commercial watertube, firebox and cast iron boilers. Ideal for everything from process heating applications to building heat, sterilization, humidification and more.

Fuels: Gas, #2 and or #6 oil, combination or alternative fuels

Emissions: Range from <9 ppm, <30 ppm and uncontrolled NOx

Whether new or retrofit, the ProFire line of Cleaver-Brooks burners is designed for maximum efficiency and lowest emissions. ProFire burners are suitable for firetube, commercial watertube, firebox, cast iron, and process heating applications.

SBR-30 Burner

The ProFire® SBR-30 series burner, capable of less than 30 ppm NOx emissions without FGR, offers: natural gas fuel option from 16.8 to 54.6 MMBTU/hr.

The ProFire® D series forced draft design allows for trouble-free and superior efficiency across a wide range of applications.

The ProFire® E series burner provides increased boiler efficiency reducing on/off cycling, saves electrical energy by utilizing a low pressure drop firing head design and low blower motor horsepower requirement. To maximize boiler efficiency, the E-burner utilizes dual gas manifold and pressure air oil atomization to ensure high turndown on both fuels.

The ProFire® SBR-5 series burner, capable of less than 5 ppm NOx emissions with FGR, offers: natural gas fuel option from 10.5 to 42 MMBTU/hr. The superior burner technology in the SBR-5 gives it a 1% efficiency advantage over competitors as well as ultra-low NOx combustion. The SBR-5 attains <5 ppm NOx with flue gas recirculation (FGR).

The ProFire® MTH burner is designed for process heating applications such as thermal fluid systems and hot oil heating.

The ProFire® V series burners boast an aerodynamic air-damper design which permits accurate air-to-fuel settings for maximum combustion efficiency.

The ProFire® Q series burners are designed around efficiency and operational simplicity. This ultra-quiet, compact burner has the high-efficiency and ease of use perfect for almost any commercial application.

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