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Boosting Capacity and Continuing a Legacy of Excellence


Written By: Haley Richards, Marketing & Events Coordinator

At a leading dog food manufacturing plant in Mequon, WI, history and innovation recently converged in a major boiler system upgrade by PBBS Equipment. The project saw two new high-efficiency CBEX firetube boilers brought online to replace aged workhorses from the 1950s and 1960s.

Having reliably generated steam for over half a century, the original 100 HP and 125 HP boilers had given exceptional service life. However, their lower turndown ratios of 2:1 and 3:1 struggled to keep up with the plant’s increased steam demands resulting in frequent cycling overnight – diminishing efficiency and running up fuel costs.

The new CBEX units, each rated at 150 HP, provided a much-needed boost in steam capacity and their 8:1 turndown allows for tighter combustion control across a wider firing range. This improved turndown flexibility eliminated the excessive cycling issues that had plagued the old boilers. From their compact footprint and low emissions to their smart controls, the CBEX units represent a comprehensive sustainability solution.

But this project held special significance for PBBS. One of the original boilers being decommissioned was started up decades ago by the company’s founder, Vic Carberry. You can see our Technical Director and Vic’s grandson, Adam, posed in front of the historical boiler alongside the original start up documents.

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