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PBBS offers INFERNO GLAZE® Refractory Coating to protect your refractory surface from slag adherence, thermal shock, and chemical attack. The coatings can be applied to any type of refractory surface, including fire brick, insulating brick, castable, plastic or rammed.

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Protect Your Refractory Surface

There is likely not any other material in your operation that takes a greater beating than the refractory in your boilers, furnaces, kilns, crucibles, ladles, and other equipment. It is subject to temperature extremes, chemical attack and abrasion, vibration, and slag attack, with most of this wear and tear occurring at very high temperatures. Refractory replacement may be a large and perhaps too frequently occurring expense.

Minimize Slag Adherence

In many applications, slagging is a major cause of refractory deterioration, as the slag penetrates the pore structure, locking tightly into the refractory, then builds up a thick layer. When the slag is removed, a portion of the refractory surface is removed in the process, thus forming a new surface for slag formation. Coated refractory surfaces have substantially fewer imperfections, therefore slag cannot adhere tightly and is easily removed without surface damage.

INFERNO GLAZE® refractory coatings are a scientifically compounded blend of selected refractory materials and glazing fluxes. These products have proven themselves effective in a wide range of applications for decades. When the coating reaches its glazing temperature, it fuses into the refractory surface forming a very durable glazed and seamless coating.

Eventually, your rear door refractory will break down, but that’s why regular boiler inspections and cleanings are so critical. We reinsulated this rear door and finalized the process with our INFERNO GLAZE® refractory coating to further protect it from wear and tear.

Reduce Thermal Shock

Quick temperature changes in refractory materials, causing the hot working face to expand and contract faster than the balance of the material, are responsible for stress cracking. Internal strains due to these temperature differentials cause surface splits and spalls which then expose a new surface, also subject to spalling.

The INFERNO GLAZE® coating greatly reduces surface spalling because its high surface glaze reduces the surface versus depth temperature differential, lowering internal strains. Since the coating is normally pliable at high temperatures, small cracks that might develop are immediately sealed.

Eliminate Chemical Attacks

Chemicals such as sodium, iron, and alkaline attack the free silica in a refractory surface. Even at low temperatures, this forms an eutectic and the refractory begins to deteriorate. Also, refractory materials usually absorb some of the chemical products of combustion, which changes the coefficient of expansion between the surface and deeper materials, setting up strains that can cause spalling. Our coating provides a smooth, impervious surface that completely stops chemical attack.

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