Skidmore Filtration System

  • Designed to improve water quality and reduce heating costs, the X-POT is an all-in-one slipstream filter, magnetic filter, air separator, and shot feeder.
  • This unit is available in three sizes up to 79,886 gallons in volume and up to 232 psi pressures.
  • Compact and versatile, the X-POT Compact® was specifically designed for smaller commercial heating and cooling water installations up to 9,130 gallons and 150 psi working pressure.
  • The X-POT6® works well with many system sizes and contains six rare earth magnets encased within a stainless steel magnet grate for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Designed for large commercial heating and cooling water installations, the X-POT XP® is the new industry benchmark for slipstream filtration.

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