Raypak XVers Condensing Boiler

Size range: 399 - 3,000 MBTU/hr

Uses: Common uses include schools, multi-family housing, hospitals, gyms

Fuels: Natural gas and propane

Efficiency Up to 98% efficiency

  • XVers + KŌR is one of the most compact condensing fire tube boilers on the market and easily fits through a standard doorway.
  • ENERGY STAR listed and low NOx certified.
  • Built-in self-protection technology allows XVers + KŌR to continuously monitor flow conditions and optimize performance
  • Continuous monitoring of oxygen concentrations in boiler flue gas that allow for manual adjustments for fuel and airflow to maintain optimum combustion.
  • High elevation models available to maximize heating capacity at elevations greater than 5,000 ft.
  • Easy-to-handle removable jacket panels provide convenient access to key components, while XVers + KŌR’s short height provides the best top access in compact boiler rooms.
  • Modulating temperature control, safety limits, and ignition programming combined into one user-friendly integrated control platform.
  • Remotely monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and control XVers + KŌR with instant access to vital information

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