Limpsfield LC Series Commercial Burners

Types: Forced draft and dual-fuel burners

Size range: 3 - 220 MMBtu/hr (0.9 - 62 MW)

Uses: Suitable for alternative or simultaneous firing of all types of gaseous fuels and mineral fuel oils.

Fuels: Dual and single fuel burners for natural gas, diesel, #2 oil to heavy fuel oil, waste oils, animal fats, fish oils and bio gases

Turndown: Between 4:1 and 10:1

Emissions: <3% O2 and <10ppm of CO

The unique forced draught design distributes the combustion air at the burner head so that combustion is maximized at all times ensuring that all fuel is burnt safely while maintaining stable combustion and flame geometry throughout the burner firing range, resulting in efficient combustion, excellent reliability and all the time, maximizing safety. Comes standard with an Autoflame burner control system. 

  • Designed for commercial and industrial applications
  • Known for its advanced combustion technology, precise control, and low emissions
  • Offers reliable and consistent operation, contributing to enhanced energy utilization and reduced operational costs
  • Designed to meet the specific requirements of various industrial processes, providing optimal combustion performance and sustainability.
  • Recognized for its quality construction, durability, and ability to deliver superior results in a wide range of applications, making it a popular choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient burner solutions.

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