Cleaver-Brooks Firetube Steam Boilers

Size range: 15 – 2,200 HP

Uses: For reliable response for low/high-pressure process steam/heating loads, multiple fuel firing capability. Applications include indirect heating and process for various campus operations, medical facilities, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing operations.

Fuels: Natural gas, #2 oil, #6 oil and combination

Pressure: 15 to 250+ psig

Emissions: less than 9 ppm NOx to less than 30 ppm NOx

The firetube boiler is the flagship of Cleaver-Brooks. An integrated boiler, low NOx burner, and Hawk Advanced control were designed and built with the latest innovations in technology for maximum efficiency and lowest emissions. Further reduce fuel usage with a stack economizer by recovering waste heat from the flue gases and using it to preheat boiler feedwater. EX system models are designed with extended heat transfer tubes that result in higher efficiency, lower emissions, and a 15% smaller footprint. The CBEX Elite model is the only boiler package to maintain 3% oxygen across the full operating range with 30 ppm NOx performance when using natural gas.

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