Cleaver-Brooks Controls

Cleaver-Brooks offers a full line of integrated boiler controls, communication systems, packaged water controls, water level controls, and standalone controls for new and retrofit applications and firetube or watertube boilers. Increase efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and decrease emissions with control systems designed to get the most out of your boiler room.  

Hawk Boiler Controls (4500 and 6000)

  • Offers the most advanced features on the market and configurable to meet the demands of almost any steam or hot water system
  • Complete boiler control system
  • Proven Allen Bradley PLC platform
  • Advanced multi-touch screen
  • New or retrofit boiler applications
  • Built-in lead lag

Hydronic System Control (HSC)

  • Works with condensing, non-condensing, and hybrid applications to deliver required building heat while saving on fuel.
  • System and boiler pump and valve control
  • Condensing and non-condensing boiler plant
  • Domestic hot water control
  • Draft damper start interlock
  • Data logging
  • Modbus communications to BMS
  • Outdoor reset capability

Tank Level Controls (LCS)

  • Designed to provide easy level control for deaerators and atmospheric surge or condensate tanks
  • Configurable to adapt to a number of different system configurations
  • Pressurized or atmospheric tank level control
  • 1 to 2 modulating valves

Remote Boiler Monitoring

  • Offers real-time insight into the operating status and performance of ClearFire® boiler systems from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Prevents equipment issues and extends equipment life.
  • Easy-to-retrofit on existing Cleaver-Brooks boilers with the Falcon control.

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