Each of three grades of Inferno Glaze refractory coating has a different temperature range and a different glazing temperature, as it is imperative that the coating reach its glazing temperature, as an unglazed coating will not perform properly. After the coating has been glazed, it can be operated at any temperature below its maximum temperature.

Grade Glazing Temperature degrees F Maximum Temperature degrees F
IG-14 1,400 2,200
IG-21 2,100 2,800
IG-27 2,700 3,600

Listed below are the recommended grades of coatings for use with various types of equipment.


  • Package type (water & fire tube) IG-14
  • Electrical Generating:
  • Burner tiles IG-27
  • Cyclones IG-27
  • Wet Bottom Refractory IG-21


  • Annealing IG-14
  • Billet IG-14
  • Brazing IG-21
  • Carbuerizing IG-14
  • Crematory IG-14
  • Enameling IG-14
  • Forging IG-21
  • Heat Treating IG-14
  • Nitriding IG-14
  • Pathology IG-14
  • Sintering IG-21
  • Welding IG-27

For use on process refractories such as in metal melting furnaces, crucibles, ladles, soaking pits, reverberators, troughs, etc.

  • Aluminum IG-14
  • Copper based alloy IG-21
  • Iron/Steel and alloys IG-27
  • Magnesium IG-14
  • Precious Metals IG-14

Other Equipment

  • Calciners IG-14 or IG-21
  • Dryers IG-14
  • Heat Generators IG-14 or IG-21
  • Incinerators IG-14
  • Kilns IG-14 or IG-21
  • Ovens IG-14

Application Instructions

  • Apply in new or used refractory
  • Supplied as dry powder in 1-, 3-, or 5-gallon cans
  • Mix with tap water
  • Apply with brush or spray
  • Air dry
  • Heat to glazing temperature*
  • Detailed instructions in each can

*In foundry applications, the glazing temperature can be reached by adding the melt to the coated piece of equipment. The heat from the melt will complete the glazing process.

Approximate Coverage

Refractory Type Square feet/gallons
Insulating brick 30
Lightweight castable 30
Lightweight firebrick 30
Medium duty brick 40
Medium duty castable 40
High duty brick 50
High duty castable 50

To order Inferno Glaze or request more information, please contact our Parts Department at 262-252-7575 or parts@pbbs.com.