welding_vessel_repair_img1PBBS has evolved to become one of the premier boiler and pressure vessel repair companies in the Upper Midwest. Our team of dedicated craftsmen not only insist on high quality welds and repairs, but also insist that the entire job looks good when it’s finished.

Credentials of the PBBS Vessel Repair Department


National Board “R” Stamp allows us to perform repairs and alterations on boilers and unfired vessels including: 

  • Re-tubing
  • Tube Sheets
  • Drum Internals
  • Mud Legs
  • Furnaces Tube replacements
  • Steam to Water or Water to Steam Boiler Conversion
  • Deaerators repairs

The ASME “S” Stamp allows us to assemble power boilers per the ASME standards.

The ASME “U” Stamp allows us to build non-fired pressure vessels per the ASME Standards.

This, along with all of our other services, helps make PBBS the one to call for Total Boiler Room Service.