One of our goals is to make sure our client’s boiler is operating at peak efficiency. One way we do this is through a detailed program of inspecting and evaluating how a building’s boiler plant is functioning, focusing on efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability. As part of this evaluation, we are able to develop a plan to keep your boiler operating properly until you are prepared to replace the unit.

Do you relate to any of these statements regarding your building?

  • My facility has changed over the years and I want to know if my boiler room and related equipment are still efficient.
  • I need a boiler standard operating procedure for startup, shutdown, and emergency shutdown.
  • I want to have an integrated boiler control plan to optimize boiler operations based on increased efficiency and minimizing stand-by losses.
  • I’m considering an evaluation of a return on investment regarding scenarios related to a boiler room upgrade and/or replacement.

Cleaver-Brooks offers a three-step approach to optimize your boiler plant, utilizing the four cornerstones of Boiler Plant Optimization™: Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability. As an authorized representative of Cleaver-Brooks, PBBS has BPO certified specialists who can help evaluate your boiler system.

Option 1: BPO Self-Review

Your building staff conducts a review that records the current state of the boiler plant, allowing you to assess if industry standards are being applied using the following best practices:

  • Recording the current condition
  • Creating standard operating procedures
  • Planning for operational recovery
  • Developing concepts for improvement
  • Advancing regular education
  • Preserving and examining operational records

Click here to download a BPO Self-Review Scorecard

Option 2: BPO Overview

A PBBS staff person will visit your location to complete a complimentary assessment, targeting areas within the boiler room to increase security, productivity, sustainability, and dependability. The evaluation also includes a record of relevant information of the significant operational portion of your boiler room equipment, such as boilers, burners, integrated controls, heat recovery, and water systems.

After the appraisal, a report will be supplied that includes:

  • A breakdown of the approximately 250 points reviewed in the boiler plant
  • Tabular summation of acknowledged faults and realized opportunities
  • Documentation of priority points to elevate boiler plant operations

Click here to download a sample BPO Overview.

Option 3: BPO Assessment

A fee-based two- to three-day examination completed by PBBS engineers will systematically review the boiler plant and areas of the system to fully comprehend the total process. The appraisal provides an itemized summary explaining the condition of the boiler plant operations. The analysis includes…

  • Operating chart data
  • Thermal imagery (optional)
  • Boiler room data
  • Steam and energy load profiling
  • Calculated cost of steam
  • Optional energy metering package
  • Condensate return percentage
  • Makeup water usage

This information will assist in creating a plan for refining the current boiler plant operation, as all recommendations are ranked by the anticipated operation impact, helping the facility staff in comprehending how to achieve better efficiency and sustainability.

Click here to download a sample BPO Assessment.

Additional information regarding the program can be found at To speak with a certified BPO Specialist or to schedule a BPO Overview or Assessment, please contact PBBS at 800-236-9620 or