Annual Maintenance Program

At PBBS, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We always begin with a written proposal outlining exactly what we plan to do, including the cleaning of the fireside and waterside of your boiler and the cleaning and tuning of the burner to achieve optimum combustion efficiency. We will check all safety interlocks for the proper operation of your mechanical and electronic devices. PBBS technicians will then restart and calibrate the unit at full load to assure optimum efficiency throughout the operating range. Finally, we will inform you of our findings and will give you suggestions for improvements to assure safety, efficiency, and uptime. With this approach at the outset, we will be able to assist you in evaluating other bids while helping you to avoid unexpected surprises.

Fireside Cleaning

Open unit, clean flues, tube sheet and breeching using (where possible) an air turbine reamer and industrial vacuum system. Inspect and wash-coat all brickwork with high-temperature refractory coating. Provide new sealing materials where required. Seal and close fireside.

Waterside Cleaning

Drain, open and flush entire waterside of the boiler. Remove all low water controls, clean and inspect piping. Flush makeup and/or feedwater pump strainers and water column float chambers. Drain expansion tank. Remove all plugs in control piping. Inspect, reinstall controls and replace gaskets. Prepare unit(s) for an insurance inspection. Close boiler, fill with water, temper to prevent damage.

Burner/Boiler Checkout

IMG_3421Remove, check and clean burner components including a pilot electrode, lube, oil, air filter, compressor, oil pump, etc. Start unit, check combustion with an electronic analyzer. Check all safety interlocks to assure proper operation and timing. Perform a “slow drain” test to assure proper low water cutoff and pump control operation. Fire unit assuring proper auto cutoff and restart. Return at start of the heating season to finally calibrate controls to meet the ultimate load demand.

Formal Written Report

Finally, our service includes a formal written report which outlines our findings and any recommendations for improving operation, efficiency, and safety.

Optional Mid Winter Check

Includes a burner combustion and control check midway through the heating or control season. Additionally, we offer a 10% discount on multiple units if the work is allowed to be done prior to June 1.