Our mission is very simple. We want every customer – large and small – to feel like they are our only customer.

At PBBS, we have been committed to service excellence since 1955. Our company’s reputation for customer trust and satisfaction has sustained and nurtured our business over the years and helped us develop relationships with clients throughout the Upper Midwest.

PBBS is dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your boiler room needs. Whether you’re a specifying engineer working on a new building, or you’re in need of replacement boilers or upgrades, the best way to start is by calling PBBS. With six office locations in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Western UP of Michigan 45 service vehicles, 15 support vehicles, and 24 hours a day support, we are available when and where you need us.

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Our award winning service staff of 40, averaging over 12 years of experience with PBBS, is unmatched when it comes to adeptness in the boiler room. Whether the problem is water or steam related, combustion or controls, our service technicians are up to the challenge. We know how imperative it is that we fully understand the products we service, and we apply this knowledge to our customers’ benefit. After all, it’s what you trust us to do, and we promise no exceptions and no compromises ever.

Our engineering, sales and support staffs, averaging almost 17 years of experience with PBBS, share a commitment to total customer satisfaction and pledge to uphold the business philosophy that drives us: If you buy a product or service from PBBS, you also buy the company behind it.


We provide energy efficient, high quality boilers, which result in a long life, low maintenance and years of consistently high output.

We house a dedicated staff who are on-call, linked and dispatched via cell phones and pagers 24 hours-a-day to provide our customers with boiler and burner repair service for all manufacturers.

We carry a complete line of boiler room accessories from the finest manufacturers in the industry.

We specialize in boiler cleaning – Our service teams take care of both fireside and waterside cleaning. They provide a complete tune-up of the boiler combustion systems and a safety check of all controls.

We offer welding & vessel repair – Our team of dedicated craftsmen not only insist on high quality welds and repairs, but also insist that the entire job looks good when it’s finished.

We maintain a qualified engineering staff to assist you with every aspect of your steam or hot water system, from load calculations, sizing, product selection, permitting, layout, and more.

We train our field service engineers to provide technical backup and expert troubleshooting, and use their expertise to initiate the best long-term solutions.

We staff knowledgeable, friendly sales engineers who provide plant surveys, technical assistance, equipment analysis, competitive contrasts, and comprehensive proposals to simplify the evaluation process.

We offer seminars for our customers who maintain and operate commercial and industrial boilers. These seminars cover a wide variety of boiler related topics for both steam and hot water systems.


At PBBS, we handle the full spectrum of boiler room needs and are dedicated to providing our customers the best possible boiler room products and services, offered through our well trained and experienced professionals.
We provide:

  • Specification writing
  • Full wiring services
  • Formal proposal presentations
  • Final product selection
  • Creative financing options
  • Expediting
  • Final inspection and start-up services

At PBBS, continuous training is our top priority. Instead of a one-time training program, our associates receive extensive new hire and ongoing safety and technology training to meet internal, OSHA, and insurance mandates. Our professionals regularly study safety training videos and manuals, attend training sessions, and participate in ride-alongs with other service technicians. And, because we understand the importance of driver safety, we also offer defensive driving courses.

We take these measures to protect our employees from on-the-job accidents and ensure our customers receive high tech, high quality work from highly trained and well qualified PBBS professionals.

At PBBS, assuring the safety and security of our employees and customers is a time honored tradition. That’s why we stand by our work with a

“PBBS 30-Day Service Guarantee.”